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DECEMBER 24, 2004
We are taking just a few days off from the work on our new album for the holidays, but we will be back at it next week! I would just like to say Happy Holidays to all of you and I hope you all have a great New Year.

John Tardy

DECEMBER 5, 2004
Things are going great with the writing of the new album. I am really excited and can't wait to get into the studio.

We are really happy to announce that we will be playing the Wacken Festival this year! They always put on such a great festival that is a real honor to be playing it this year. I will get more info on this as time goes on...

NOVEMBER 24, 2004
Donald, Allen and I finished another song the other day. We are real close to having the music done, just a few more songs, and we will be getting into the studio. Hopefully by January.

I went down last night and hung out with the Cannibal and Napalm guys. I haven't seen either one of  them for a while so it was good to get to see them. Unfortunately, Napalm's bus broke down and they didn't make it in time for the show but a least I did get to have a few cool ones with them.

OCTOBER 30 , 2004
We just got home last week after almost a month in Europe and it was absolutely great! I first have to say thank you to all of our fans that came out and supported us. You guys are the greatest! We almost didn't do the tour because we had a number of people (agencies, promoters etc...) saying that we should do the album first. Because we haven't done anything for a few years we felt that we needed to get out and make sure people know that we are back and writing music. There has been so much talk about us "splitting up" and this and that that we felt it necessary to get out and let it be known that we are back! I think that even half way though the tour there was doubt in some peoples mind that the tour would even happen. So thanks to all of you who showed up and supported us. It was an incredible set of shows!!! Next, thank you to Master and Visceral Bleeding! It was a pleasure getting to know you and playing with you. I wish you both the best of luck and hope you keep in touch! 

I planned on getting the site updated by now with a full tour report and photos but got home with a nice cold that has kept me on the couch and not wanted to do anything for most of the week. I am feeling much better today and will start putting those photos together. I wish I could have done more while on the road but just didn't have the capabilities to do so. Next year things will be different and I will keep it going while on the road. I will get all the tour stuff together and talk to you all next week!!!

John Tardy

OCTOBER 4 , 2004
We leave tomorrow for Amsterdam. The band and the crew all meet up there to get the bus and all our equipment. We do have a rehearsal room for a few hours to go over the set one more time and make sure all the equipment is what we need and working properly. Like I said before the first show is sold out so that has me ready to play tonight but I guess Friday will come soon enough. I am not sure how much time I will get on a computer to keep up with all you emails while out on the road but I will try my best. If you don't hear from me I apologize  and I will catch up when I get back. Hopefully I will have lots of photos to post also. Thanks to all of you who have been in touch through the website. We really appreciate the support and hope to repay all of you with a new and the most brutal Obituary album ever when we get back.

John Tardy

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