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MARCH 29, 2005
Obituary will be playing at the Forum in Inglewood, CA with Slipknot and Shadows Fall, Saturday, April 9th, 2005!!!

We were asked by our friends Slipknot to come out and play this show! I know it is soon but come out and see this show. It will be sick!!!!

MARCH 23, 2005
WE ARE DONE! We are all done with the mixing of the new CD and we are now going to sit on it for about a week and make sure we are totally happy before mastering, which should be sometime next week! It has been so awesome to be back in the studio and we are really pumped about the new songs. Can't wait to get out and play them live!  

ALLENTOWN, PA get ready because we are coming! We will be playing at this year Louder-Harder-Faster Festival on June 4th at the Crocodile Rock Cafe. We have not been in PA in sometime and it will be good to see all of you!

John Tardy

MARCH 12, 2005
Our work at RedRoom Recorders is done and we now move to Morrisound Studios where we will be doing the mixing. Things went really well and the new songs sound great already and I can't wait to mix them down. It was good to see Tom Morris, whom I haven't seen in years, and talk with him about mastering. We will be working with him when we master. It has been too long since we did all this and we are just really enjoying the whole process and getting more and more excited with each new day. I have some more photos added to the studio report so check it out!

I have also been working with our live web camera and have it up just for testing. Go to the live web cam and see what you think. Not much happening in our studio because we are at Morrisound but it would be nice to hear what you guys think!  

I will get some more photos of us at Morrisound and get them up asap!

John Tardy

FEBRUARY 19, 2005
After what seems like forever, we will be in the studio starting today!! I feel really good and I think all the time we spent preparing for this will pay off. Everyone here really seems to like the new songs and all I can say is that they are heavy! We will be setting up and working on drum sounds today and tomorrow. Tomorrow we will also set up Big Al and get his sound ready. If that goes well we should be ready to start recording on  Monday. I do have a surprise, it looks like along with working with Mark Prator that our good friend Scott Burns is going to be working with us on this CD. How cool is that! These two guys have done more studio work with us than anyone and we are all totally psyched and lucky to be able to have both of them with us! I will keep you all up to date with how thing in the studio are going and get you pictures of us as we go! I am also considering releasing some sound bites of the new stuff so keep in touch for that!

On a separate note I do have a web-camera set up in our practice studio and, along with my good friend Paul, I am testing that out. I will keep you up to date and let you know when that we be up and running for all to see. The camera is awesome and I hope to leave it running 24 / 7 so that everyone will be able to see what goes on in our studio... the good, the bad and the ugly!!!! It should be fun and I hope I can pull it off!

John Tardy

JANUARY 25, 2005
We happy to announce that we will be playing the GODS OF METAL festival in Italy! We are really excited about this and the line up they have is awesome. This makes the second festival we will be doing, WACKEN  festival in Germany is the other one that is confirmed. We are still working on more festivals and hopefully we will get somewhere near all of you. We are not going to forget about our U.S. fans so keep in touch and we will be releasing our plans for America soon.

JANUARY 26, 2005
Ohhh... there... is just one more thing! This is great! We will be playing the New England Hardcore and Metal Festival!!! Things are starting to roll and we hopefully will get more and more offers to do more shows in the U.S. See you there!

John Tardy

JANUARY 14, 2005
We had a great weekend of practice and just a little fun! OK we had a blast! Anyway there are still enough brain cells left and I think we are ready for the studio. We are just  trying to get the songs down really good so we can do a good job when we there. I promised some photos so here they are. Nothing special but check them out!

John Tardy

JANUARY 1, 2005
Happy New Year to everyone! 2004 was great for us to get back into what we like to do best and that is play music. We are real close to getting in the studio and getting  to work on this new album and I can't wait. We have a lot planned for 2005 and we hope to see all of you out on the road! Best of luck to everyone in the New Year!

John Tardy

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